‘How I Live Now’ is a movie about the love of family and life, but all that changes when a war starts with Daisy and her family caught in between.

The first 45 minutes seems like a different movie to the film’s last 50 minutes. Although, it is not too bad as we learn about these characters and the characters become somewhat developed, especially for Saoirse Ronan’s character Daisy.

Acting performances are fine, but the stand out is Saoirse Ronan as she provides a magnificent acting performance in this film as Daisy becomes believable, and even with the film’s faults and at times slow pace, Ronan makes this film interesting and entertaining.

The problem I find with this film is that the writing and story is uneven and unbalanced, but that doesn’t stop this film’s heart or emotions.

‘How I Live Now’ is a good thriller, filled with suspense and has some heart that you wouldn’t expect, as I found it quite enjoyable and intriguing within the film’s apocalyptic setting.