A talking teddy bear that smokes and is foulmouthed with Mark Wahlberg and the creative mind of Seth MacFarlane behind the titled character Ted.

Will this be a winning combination? YES! Strangely, it works, really well.

‘Ted’ is about two friends between their brotherly-relationship of Ted and John, as John has never had a friend before in his life, so this magical talking teddy bear turns his life around and the two become thunder buddies for life. But, as soon as years go by, life gets complicated including John’s romantic relationship with Lori (Mila Kunis).

‘Ted’ works as a hilarious comedy movie, which surprisingly has enough heart that makes the characters become likeable through these weird and comedic situations.

It is, however, a bit inconsistent with some scenes being funny, others do fall flat, a little, but you will laugh a lot more, than the ones that don’t work, and again, it is thanks to the writing and the development between these characters that make the film work and very enjoyable.