One of the most impressive movies I’ve seen all year. Had zero expectations, and walked out of the theatre impressed and my eyes watery. There I admit it. I was tearing up, huge achievement for a film like this.

The movie is about a teenage girl named Hazel Grace and shows how her life has become from a young age dealing with cancer. She then meets at a cancer support group a boy named Augustus Waters and the two become fast friends.

The movie is smartly written, and brilliantly acted especially from Shailene Woodley, best known for this year’s ‘Divergent’ and last year’s excellent ‘The Spectacular Now’. Ansel Elgort also does a great job as likeable Augustus Waters.

Overall, this is not a chick flick, it is quite the opposite as it explains how life isn’t easy and shows great messages conjoined with this romantic, and at times, comedic journey of friendship and acceptance as it proves to be a fun, yet also, sad movie filled with honest emotions and smartly written characters and dialogue, which makes ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ powerful, hopeful and sincere that audiences around the world will instantly fall in love with.