How can I describe ‘The Spectacular Now’?

Funny? Emotional? Heartwarming? Sweet? Clever? Original?

Check in all of these boxes.

‘The Spectacular Now’ is more than just another clichéd teen movie; it avoids all clichés and offers something original and authentic that I haven’t seen in a drama film for quite some time.

It dares to be different, which is evident in the film’s main protagonist, Sutter, who is quite the opposite main character I have seen in a film. He is both a comedic relief, offering some great jokes, but also the film’s main plot narrative, which is quite an extraordinary balance.

The film offers some great directing and is brought together by a great cast who blend into these characters quite well.

The writing is the film’s stand out, the strongest element that holds this film together, pretty much the glue to this film. The writing is incredible, every dialogue feels genuine, natural and acts like these characters are real, just by the dialogue and the way the characters interact.

‘The Spectacular Now’ is something special, offering great character drama, well written and developed characters, great acting performances and above all, ‘The Spectacular Now’ is just, spectacular.