Another new reboot to an iconic film monster ‘Godzilla’.

This is my first ‘Godzilla’ film, so I basically knew nothing about it. The marketing had me all excited as a disaster movie featuring Godzilla as the monster that wreaks havoc. Maybe that’s why I was a little bit disappointed?

‘Godzilla’ has enough action sequences that will make audiences cheer and clap with delight, but the story on display is something else. The film has a great setup, and I was really on-board with it. With a great performance by Bryan Cranston (‘Breaking Bad’ fame) who literally stole the show from giant monster Godzilla, I was really being invested into this world and the story, but before the second act begins, the film loses its appeal to me and the story gets lost and just becomes another standard action movie with monsters fighting.

I got lost with the story, after a while, it’s just different locations with Godzilla fighting, and not enough story in its place. Still, there’s human drama concerning with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen (newcomers to ‘Avengers 2’ next year) with some fine performances, but the problem I find with it is the main character isn’t as interesting or developed and could never cheer for the hero.

While ‘Godzilla’ has some amazing visual effects, its more style over substance here, as it could have been so much better in terms of story and lack of explanations, which at times, gets a little too confusing for its own good.

Still, there are some really good elements in ‘Godzilla’ that shine through, like I mentioned earlier in my review, but if you are a ‘Godzilla’ fan, you’ll probably like this so much more than I did, as audiences were having a blast applauding the film when the credits were rolling on the screen.

If that’s not a reason to go, I don’t know what is.