‘Veronica Mars’ is back, after a seven year break from the show’s cancellation back in 2007, ending after three seasons.

Was the season 3 finale the end for ‘Veronica Mars’Hope not. It wasn’t a great ending for a series finale.

So now that we have skipped seven years of these characters lives, it’s a nice and welcoming return to teen’s greatest private investigator as Veronica heads back to Neptune that reunites her with the series favourites such as Logan, Mac, Wallace, Keith and more to solve a case which sees Logan in a lot of trouble, so it’s back for Veronica to dive deep into her old roots of being a private investigator.

The film works as a solid thriller which sees some twists and turns and even some surprise cameos which is plenty to love for the film.

At times, the film does slow down to focus on other characters from the series, but it is only a minor complaint as the film has plenty of funny jokes that work.

It was a nice return for ‘Veronica Mars’ and hopefully as a ‘Veronica Mars’ fan, here’s hoping there is more to come for ‘Veronica Mars’.

Happy 10 years ‘Veronica Mars’. Some say you’re a marshmallow.