Nic’s Review (05/05/2014):

DreamWorksathon is back from a short hiatus and this time the chickens are trying to escape in ‘Chicken Run’.

First of all, like so many DreamWorks movies, I haven’t seen ‘Chicken Run’ since I was a kid. And unlike most DreamWorks movies, I hated ‘Chicken Run’ at this age. It was the chickens. What could be a more boring protagonist than a chicken? (I always hated farm animals in general). But forgetting my personal bias for a moment, ‘Chicken Run’ is a solid romp that is simple in its storytelling yet effective in its message.

Aardman’s stop-motion animation is a little dated and sparse but its nonetheless such an intriguing style, a breath of variety in a CGI landscape. Of course, its lack of detail hinders the setting of the film, which is extremely lacklustre in colour and rather drab. On closer analysis, the predominate browns and greys of ‘Chicken Run’ are not a technical limitation but a creative device reflecting the themes of the film.

The characters are hit-and-miss. Ginger, the protagonist, is too morally perfect and hence difficult to care about. On the other hand, Rocky is immediately likeable for the very reasons Ginger isn’t: he’s flawed. I found myself engaged much more in the scenes where Rocky is onscreen rather than Ginger.

Yet for all its flaws, ‘Chicken Run’ manages to maintain a well-crafted, charming story that is perhaps much more aimed towards children than most of Pixar’s or DreamWorks’ earlier films.

Score: 7.5/10


Daniel’s Review (03/03/2016):

“This ain’t no chick flick!” Great tagline from the film’s theatrical poster.

‘Chicken Run’ is an Aardman Animations and DreamWorks Animation, which tells the story of an optimistic chicken named Ginger, who has the dream to escape the chicken farm, but after plenty of failed attempts of escaping, she is greeted by a rooster named Rocky (Rocky Road for short) who can “fly”, so with the two, they attempt to get all the chickens to fly over the fence, while the farmer attempts to build a pie machine that creates chicken pies.

This film is creative and original, and I can see why this film is, and still to this day, the highest grossing stop motion animated film ever, earning more than $224 million worldwide. Aardman has brilliantly crafted a farm, where the film acts like a prison break film, and the characters are fun to watch, but also pack enough emotions to care about these characters in whether to succeed in escaping the imprisoned farm.

The stop motion is exceptionally extraordinary, and brilliantly crafted, right down to the film’s setting and exteriors, to the character’s unique personality and charm. Adding to the film’s credits, it is at times dark as well, even for a family film.

‘Chicken Run’ is hilarious, it’s heart-warming, it’s emotional, it’s creative, it is a wonderfully crafted film that all ages can enjoy.

‘Chicken Run’ soars high.

Score: 9.7/10