“Everything is Awesome”? Nearly.

The new animated film ‘The LEGO Movie’ is about an average typical LEGO man named Emmet who does normal typical things like jumping jacks and watching TV. But it all comes crashing down as he finds a mysterious personnel in the construction zone and is willingly set to explore of who this mysterious LEGO woman is.

The animation is bright and colourful which creates this fun environment within this beautifully crafted LEGO universe. Everything, and I mean everything, is created with LEGO. The movie seems to mix and blend both CGI animation with the feel of stop motion animation and creates this realistic world that the filmmakers were using real LEGO figures. That’s just how great the animation was, on par with Disney and, yes, Pixar.

The jokes are hysterical and hilarious, with some jokes that were a bit of a miss, but I do believe this is the most hilarious movie of the year, so far. Guaranteed there will be a hilarious joke or two in every scene in the movie.

The story is my main problem with the movie. The story is solid, but seemed to have been lost half-way through the movie and was a little bit too long than it needed to be, but it does provide the message of both corporate and the consumer, which I found to be very interesting of reality.

The characters are also just as fun and memorable like Emmet and the fan-favourite Batman.

Overall, ‘The LEGO Movie’ is a high flying ride of awesome and fun which mixes with the film’s gorgeous animation.