Today is a really odd and strange day for movie studios to announce sequels.

Lately we’ve gotten announcements of ‘The Incredibles 2’, ‘Cars 3’, ‘Captain America 3’ and ‘Taken 3’, what else would be getting a sequel?

A lot, actually. Studios announce movie sequels to popular movie titles including:

  • ‘Inception 2’: Finally! I’ve always wanted to know what happened after the ending.
  • ‘Toy Story 4’: The sequel where Woody accidentally gets auctioned online to the “Chicken Man”.
  • Shrek the Fifth: Forever After, Again’Shrek returns for another chapter where everyone has grown up over time and Shrek and Fiona are now grandparents.
  • ‘Battleship 2’: This time, actually, based on the board game.
  • ‘Chronicle 2’: The sequel that continues after the first movie.
  • ‘The Hangover: Part IV: A New Hope’: The Wolf Pack are now in outer space on a deserted little planet called Tatooine.
  • ‘Cast Away 2’: Wilson is now on a new deserted island. Will he get off the island? Probably not. He is just a volleyball after all.
  • ‘Pacific Rim 2’: This one actually needs a sequel. Maybe a ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Pacific Rim’ crossover? That would be beyond awesome.

That’s a lot of sequels. Which ones are you excited for?

P.S. April Fools.