The film ‘Noah’ has had a lot of controversy prior to its release of not being the best representation of the story.

I for one, had a good time with this film. I don’t really know the story of ‘Noah’, other than he builds an ark for animals and there’s a flood, thanks to 2007’s ‘Evan Almighty’, but ‘Noah’ changes some of the aspects of the story of Noah and makes it a great movie going experience.

From the opening credits to the amazing visual effects that they’ve created this universe that feels like it is from a ‘Lord of the Rings’ film, but this universe is inviting and imaginative.

‘Noah’ is an incredible ride from start to finish.

The acting is top-notch from the entire cast.

The score is delightful and the script is excellent.

It does lose steam half-way through as the film slows down a little, but this is to build up the tension and the drama for the rest of the film. The film might have tweaked the story of ‘Noah’, but it is done for entertainment value as many films adapted from stories, novels or true stories are always different from its movie version, examples include the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, ‘The Social Network’ and many more.

‘Noah’ is full of drama, action and heartfelt. 

‘Noah’ is a film that I was totally surprised by, as I enjoyed this film from beginning to the end.