Watching this movie, I thought we actually need a reboot to this 1980’s classic action flick. I mean it is not a remake, it’s a reboot, and plenty of movies have reboots from dancing flicks like ‘Footloose’ and comic book superheros like ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Batman’. A reboot, I think, is a good idea for ‘RoboCop’, but it’s the way they do this reboot is sort of mixed.

What made the original film, in my opinion, worked was seeing both RoboCop getting created and the villain trying to stop RoboCop. This film, however, hardly focuses on the villain, which gets muddled up in the film’s story is a bit confusing, but focusses more on RoboCop. He gets like 75% of screen time in this movie, while the villains get like 10%, unlike the original. It’s all about RoboCop stopping bad guys, without a clear villain, which is why I found it a tad bit confusing.

But, for the most part, it was cool seeing RoboCop beat up bad guys, but without a clear villain, I’m like ‘meh’. There’s also a scene in the movie which reminded me of ‘Kick-Ass’.

The film has some cool new ideas about machines and technology, but the problem I found with this new movie is that it has some elements done right, but then some not so right.

The script is mediocre, I found, it needed to take away some scenes and needed to be a bit more polished with the story and add some more action scenes and we would have gotten the best ‘RoboCop’ movie since the original 80’s classic.

Overall, the acting is actually really good with some cool action scenes and a good message about technology which has more screen time than the action does, but it has some good moments with some one-liners from the original film that you’ll notice and laugh for nostalgia reasons, for that alone,‘RoboCop’, the reboot, is good, but it could have been a lot better.