Here’s a quote from Professor Lockhart which answers why I forgot to post this review: “So sorry, dozed off, what have I missed?” Sorry about forgetting to publish this review two weeks ago, but let’s get straight back in reviewing the second installment in one of my favourite movie franchises of all-time ‘Harry Potter’.

‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ is just as good as the first film. It’s funny. It’s dramatic. And on the plus side, it has Dobby, the house elf. Dobby is one of my favourite characters in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise and he balances between humour and dramatic moments easily and is always a delight when he appears on screen.

The acting is still great, and have improved a lot from the first film. Hagrid again steals the show as this loveable and likeable giant.

The writing is spot-on and it does a fabulous job at balancing the humour and the dramatic moments of the film. It has a flying car.

‘Chamber of Secrets’ is the longest film in the franchise, but is easily one of the best in the series. Highly recommended.