Disney’s newest film ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ is one of their best live-action movies in a long, long time and my favourite since ‘The Muppets’.

The movie stars an incredible cast including Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Colin Farrell and Paul Giamatti. The cast here are spectacular, great performances by the whole cast. Emma Thompson is great as P.L. Travers as she is this hard to please character as this where she is the most likeable character in the movie. Tom Hanks does a fine job as Walt Disney. Colin Farrell shocked me out of the whole cast, the other two I’ve seen them in some great movies in the past with Thompson in ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ and Hanks in ‘Cast Away’ and ‘Forrest Gump’, Farrell gives the most emotional performance in the whole movie.

The script is strong with some heavy drama and comedic light tones of moments which are hilarious, along with some emotional scenes tossed in there and what you get out of this equation is this great family movie that any age can enjoy. I was entertained by how they made this timeless classic ‘Mary Poppins’ and the effort for Walt Disney to receive the film rights to this popular written novel by author P.L. Travers.

I’m a huge fan of Walt Disney and love how a movie is constructed from scratch, ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ is simply spectacular, engaging, stupendous and above all ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ is nearly “practically perfect in every way”, quoting ‘Mary Poppins’ herself. Very highly recommended.