Daniel’s Review (21/12/2013):

It is now official, Walt Disney Animation Studios is the new Pixar.

Ever since ‘Bolt’ Disney’s CGI animated films have gotten arguably the best they have ever been. In terms of Disney animated musical films ‘Tangled’ and now the new film ‘Frozen’ can easily be ranked with the great classics such as ‘Beauty and the Beast’‘The Little Mermaid’‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’.

‘Frozen’ is so different from recent Disney films, which I think is its greatest strength.

The story is spectacular, although they don’t address some questions that I would like to be answered, you can easily overlook those because the film is highly engaging and extremely entertaining.

I didn’t have any expectations from this film, as the trailers weren’t interesting and just didn’t like them, boy was I wrong. The film is so amazing, it is just perfect.

The characters are so incredibly likeable, especially Anna and Elsa, the two sisters which are definitely the highlight characters of the movie as you care about them and make you so invested in their story.

The animation is Disney’s best and is so beautiful and extremely detailed, right to the last grain of snow, the animators definitely worked hard on this movie, and it definitely shows, as it is a visual treat.

The music and songs are also another strong element of this movie. The score is Disney’s best since ‘The Lion King’ in my personal opinion. Right from the start of the movie, the music and the fabulous score are so incredible, which was my favourite score from any movie of the year, is just so calming and inviting, you can’t help but fall in love with it. The songs are so catchy and so emotionally invested with the story and the way the characters feel, which doesn’t become distracting, but easily the other way around, as it becomes a powerful storytelling medium to express how a character feels, which I think kind of pays homages to other Disney movies such as ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Aladdin’.

My favourite songs are easily “Love is an Open Door”“For the First Time in Forever” and the stand out song of the movie “Let It Go”“Let It Go” easily delivers an amazing vocal performance by Idina Menzel and the song becomes an emotional but powerful song about freedom.

Overall, the movie is simply amazing, the score and songs is one of Disney’s greatest songs and scores ever and is a visual delight as it is not only the best animated movie of the year, but one of my favourite films of the year.

Highly recommend checking ‘Frozen’ out on the big screen.

It is simply amazing.

Score: 9.6/10


Nic’s Review (21/12/2013):

‘Frozen’ is an incredible animated effort from the studio that started it all. It sings with a vibrancy and wonder I haven’t seen since the Disney Renaissance of the 90s (admittedly, I haven’t seen ‘Tangled’ which is also supposed to be a modern classic).

Watching ‘Frozen’ brought back gushes of nostalgia for the type of animated film popular before Pixar changed the game entirely and its brilliance is encapsulated in its glowing, catchy musical numbers and simple story.

Yes, while the story is simple, albeit with enough originality to differentiate it from the Disney Princess crowd, it is that very simplicity that brings out the pure and innocent form of storytelling that often gets drowned out in the overly complex narratives and themes of modern animation. The moral is simple and sweet and the foresight of the plot caters to this in a way that it still surprises.

The characters are instantly loveable and little time is wasted on their introduction.

But most of all: that music. Wow.

You could argue that there are too many songs but when they are that good, can you blame Disney for wanting to include them all? These are as catchy as “Hakuna Matata” or “Under the Sea” and it’s not hard to imagine ‘Frozen’s songs being mainstays of popular culture 20 years from now. Even the score is surprisingly original, with that opening theme being the most memorable in an animated feature since ‘Up’.

If I wanted to find faults in the film, I could, but I don’t want to. This is one of those films that gets better and better the more you think about it and is, dare I say, my favourite animated film since ‘Toy Story 3’.

So embrace your inner child and go see ‘Frozen’.

If you’re not smiling with joy by the end of it, you’re doing something wrong.

Score: 9.3/10