Image via Walt Disney Animation Studios

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ is a gamer’s dream as it brings so many videogame characters together into this arcade gaming world that Disney have created and its crafted very well and very detailed.

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ is about a videogame bad guy named Wreck-It Ralph, or Ralph for short. He has done his job as being the bad guy for Fix-It Felix, Jr. for the past 30 years, now he has learnt that he doesn’t want to be the bad guy anymore and wants to prove everyone wrong that bad guys can get medals and do have a heart.

This film is extremely funny, although some lines aren’t as good, especially some of the Hero’s Duty lines, but overall, there are more lines that work, then the ones that don’t.

The story is actually heartfelt and heart-warming, and after seeing this movie about a dozen times already, I keep tearing up at the ending, it is so emotional that not many Disney movies can do or achieve. You care about these characters by the time the ending comes around and after the movie, you want more of this universe and frankly, you don’t want the movie to end.

The voice talent is unbelievable and do an amazing job as these videogame characters.

Also you get to see so many videogame cameos like some easter eggs in the background like ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and ‘Tron’ or just videogame characters themselves like Bowser from the ‘Mario’ series and Sonic and Dr. Eggman from the ‘Sonic’ series.

The animation is absolutely beautiful and amazingly detailed and some games can be dark like Hero’s Duty whereas other games like Sugar Rush can be colourful and full of fun with the candy characters and ‘Mario Kart’ styled racing.

Overall, this movie has a great story, a nice message, some great characters and one-liners, great animation and concluding, just a fun animated movie for the whole family that you can’t see just once, as this videogame world is inviting and colourful.

Highly recommend ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ if you haven’t already checked it out.