The 2008 Disney animated flick that took Walt Disney Animation Studios in a step at the right direction of making amazing CGI animated pictures and is evident that ‘Bolt’ almost gets it right as an animated film.

Personally ‘Bolt’ was Disney’s most successful animated film both critically and financially at the time since 2002’s ‘Lilo and Stitch’, if you don’t include any Pixar titles.

As an animated movie it is extremely enjoyable and the opening to this movie is incredible and in fact, nothing what Disney has done in terms of animated movies.

The start of this movie looks dark and has this live action adventure movie feel to it which looks incredible.

The animation in the opening is astonishing, especially the “super bark” scene. Loved that scene.

This film quickly goes from an action film to a on the road type movie and it mixes these two elements quite well.

This film has an interesting story to it as the dog Bolt is the most famous star in Hollywood and stars in his popular TV show called Bolt, but when he escapes he finds out that what his is, is nothing more than an just an actor on a popular television program.

The characters are extremely likeable, and I’m not a fan of Rhino. I think Rhino is a good little comic relief character in the movie and he does have his moments of action and comedy, but I personally really loved Bolt and Mittens growing friendship between the two and thought that every scene was either funny, emotional or heart-warming. It was interesting seeing two characters from two completely different worlds teaming up and interacting with each other with witty dialogue and some intense drama.

Overall, some jokes don’t work from Rhino, but overall, it is a hilarious, action-packed adventure ride, that is both emotional and heart-warming to make this a family favourite.

I highly recommend checking the movie ‘Bolt’ out, if you haven’t watched it before.

I think this was the start of Disney’s CGI animated films success since 2002.