Walt Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ is sort of a mixed bag when received from audiences. It’s a film where you love it or you hate it. Thankfully, I fall into the earlier category.

‘Fantasia’ is simply a unique Disney movie that I have never seen anything like it. No sound effects. No dialogue from the cartoon characters. Just the score and your imagination.

The animation is so imaginative and so detailed, it is incredible for an animated movie released in 1940. Simply amazing animation. Good job for all the crew who worked on this great film.

I liked that it was just using its score to drive the story along. Not every film needs dialogue and this film proved it. There is dialogue used by the conductors on each segment and all animation segments explaining the story and the instruments used are introduced by Deems Taylor.

My favourite segment was obviously ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ because who doesn’t love a Mickey Mouse cartoon. And Sorcerer Mickey is too awesome. But I also thought the dinosaur animation segment was also very good, just because it was the opposite to the usual Disney animated fare and this being their 3rd movie in the 50+ animated canon series is simply mind boggling. It is a great detailed segment through the score titled ‘Rite of Spring’.

However, I did enjoy all the animation segments and were extremely enjoyable with some many funny actions through a lot of characters and the absurdness of it all like a hippo doing ballet.

I think it’s not your usual Disney animated movie and instead should be shown as an animation showcase detailing incredible animation and using a magnificent score.

Despite being just over 2 hours long, 124 minutes to be exact, once you get into the movie and into these imaginative worlds that Walt Disney has perfectly created, syncing many animation characters like the fairies are the start of the movie synced with the film’s score, you’ll have a great time with the movie and it stands as Walt Disney’s loved project and I think a successful experiment using only a score and visuals to explain a story without dialogue is risky, but pays off, as it is simply an amazingly crafted movie that Walt Disney has constructed.