One of Disney’s most action-packed film out of the Disney animated canon.

‘Mulan’ is a story about a girl named, of course, Mulan, no surprise there, who takes the offer to join the army, so that her father doesn’t have too. She hides who she is, as women can’t join the army, and acts like a man.

I’m very new to this animated film as I watched it earlier this year, which made its debut 15 years ago in 1998, if you can believe it.

It is, in my opinion, one of Disney’s most surprising and enjoyable animated film in their 50+ canon series.

The story is solid, the songs are extremely catchy and the animation is extremely beautiful and finely detailed. I mean, check out the snow fight, that is some serious fine animating Disney has done. Good job.

My favourite songs does include “A Girl Worth Fighting For” and the extremely catchy “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”. I mean, try watching that scene with the song playing. My feet couldn’t resist from moving to the song. It’s that catchy. And you may just decide to sing it.

Now moving on. My personal favourite song and sadly I admit it is my favourite Disney song ever from an animated movie “Reflection”. It’s an emotional, but powerful song, which its lyrics are both relevant and understandable to relate with Mulan as she is disappointed by trying to, not only to impress her family, but figuring out that being a bride isn’t her and wondering where she belongs in the world. It is really a great song, and I’m talking about the one Mulan sings in the movie, not the pop version.

So those are my thoughts on the amazing Disney movie ‘Mulan’ and oh, did I mention Eddie Murphy as Mushu is hilarious. I don’t think I did.

Highly recommended worth checking out, if you haven’t already.