One of, if not, the most magical Disney movie ever made.

‘Aladdin’ tells the story of a boy named Aladdin who lives on the streets with his best friend Abu, who happens to be an adorable monkey. They live on the streets, until Aladdin meets and instantly falls in love with Jasmine, who just happens to be a princess. But everything can’t be good, or there will be no movie, as Jafar wants to be the ruler and take over the palace, all he needs is a lamp as he sets out to find the diamond in the rough, which is where leaves our journey with Aladdin as he tries to find the lamp for the wickedly evil Jafar.

The animation is great, with some early CAPS detected especially for the cave of wonder and the magic carpet for some scenes.

One of the things I simply love about this film is the music. This just happens to be one of Disney’s best animated musicals. The soundtrack is great to listen to and the songs are fun and a joy to watch.

“Friend Like Me” is one of the film’s better songs, as Robin Williams does an incredible job as the Genie, not just in the song, but for the whole movie. He literally steals the show, without stealing it away from Aladdin, the movie’s central focus. “Prince Ali” is also a fine song, with plenty of laughs from Robin Williams character the Genie.

The song that is the highlight of the movie, if not the best Disney song ever produced, and in my opinion used to be favourite until another Disney movie song that is now my favourite, but that’s for another review, for another day, “A Whole New World”, in my mind, a perfect song and a great and fitting built up that explores Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s emotions of love that develop their newly developed relationship. An extraordinary song.

Overall, the whole movie is great, with a few little problems, mainly some of Jafar’s scenes weren’t as interesting, but as a whole, I simply adore this movie with its great animation and enjoyable, if not, perfect songs to listen to, ‘Aladdin’ is one of Disney’s greatest animated movies in their 50+ canon film collection.