Pixar is back, but it’s not for a feature film, but rather a feature television special.

The ‘Toy Story’ gang are back and out of the toy box with Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex and others, just to name a few in Pixar’s first half-an-hour television special in ‘Toy Story of Terror’.

The gang stop at a motel when one of the toys disappear and it’s up to the gang to find out what is the mysterious creature.

This special was great, and I mean great. Pixar is finally back to their former glory.

I loved Mr. Pricklepants’s knowledge of horror movies and gave insight as a love letter to horror movies, along with horror movie references including the noticeable one ‘Psycho’.

The new toys were a great addition to this special as some of my favourites introduced was Pocketeer and Transitron, but for me the highlight new character was Combat Carl. He was very funny and offered as a mentor for Jessie.

I found this special engaging, entertaining and intense, especially at the end, with great animation and a solid story, this special was to “Infinity and Beyond”.