Daniel’s Review (03/11/2013):

Marvel returns to the big screen for the sequel to both ‘Thor’ (2011) and ‘The Avengers’ (2012) in ‘Thor: The Dark World’.

First things first, the cast does a tremendous job at working both the serious action side of the movie, to the light toned humour that Marvel movies are so well known for. Chris Hemsworth (‘Snow White and the Huntsman’) as the mighty god Thor does a great job, as three films in, he knows how to play the character, through his strengths and weaknesses. Natalie Portman (‘Black Swan’) does a great job playing as Thor’s love interest Jane Foster, as she had great one-liners. I must admit, even Kat Dennings (‘2 Broke Girls’) did a great job with humour as Jane’s friend, Darcy. But, of course, it was Tom Hiddleston (‘War Horse’) as Loki that stole the show with his great quick one-liners and some great comedic and even seriously some serious dramatic lines, every word Loki says, you immediately laugh out loud.

Overall, the film has great visual effects, the film is action-packed, a great mixture of serious and comedic tones, great acting from the cast and very emotional.

Only gripes is that the villain isn’t as strong as I’d like the villain to be, but other than that, the film is a highly entertaining fun action popcorn film that is worth a look on the big screen.

Highly recommended.

Oh and also, stay during the credits.

Score: 8/10

Nic’s Review (03/11/2013):

If you’ve ever asked me what I thought of ‘The Avengers’, you’ll know that I love it. It’s my favourite superhero movie and one of my favourite movies altogether.

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is an absolutely fascinating project to watch unfold and I’m continually surprised at how good each movie is. ‘Iron Man 3’ was pretty much guaranteed to be awesome but for the sequel to 2011’s ‘Thor’, I was more sceptical due to the so-so marketing effort and repetitive trailers. But now I understand. Marvel are just hiding all the best parts of this film so it makes it that much better when you see it.

‘Thor: The Dark World’ is at least as good as the other Marvel solo films, and, after thinking about it, better than the original ‘Thor’. Like both ‘Avengers’ and ‘IM3’, it’s just got so much of the fun I love about these films. Lots of cool action, great characters new and old – Loki, I’m looking at you- and hints galore at the future of the franchise.

The only criticisms I can think of are that the villain, while certainly threatening, lacks the kind of backstory that would give him the pathos of say, Loki.

Also some scenes don’t always work, or could be longer, and a few characters that deserve more screen time, such as Odin and Sif, don’t, in my opinion, get enough.

All in all though, I barely noticed these issues as the film itself is just so cool.

It’s great to be back in Asgard.

Score: 9/10