It’s time to review another Disney animated classic, this time the 1977 animated classic ‘The Rescuers’.

For my first time viewing this animated film, and yes I have never seen ‘The Rescuers’ prior to viewing, it surprised me of just how great this film truly is.

First off, the characters. The characters are extremely likeable. My favourites are definitely the two leading mice’s Bernard and Miss Bianca. But there are other great characters like Penny and Rufus the cat.

The story is solid, and are some incredibly emotional scenes and humorous gags that make this film extremely enjoyable from start to finish.

But, the one element I loved the most in this movie, the songs. This is one of those rare Disney films where you like every single song that gets sung. I have to mention the four songs that were great, “The Journey”, a great introduction into the movie over some incredible painting of the ocean and the sunset. “Rescue Aid Society”, a nice little song that I enjoyed. “Tomorrow is Another Day”, another great song during Orville’s flying, arguably one of the best songs in the movie. The last song, “Someone’s Waiting For You” is the most emotional song in the movie and is an incredibly perfect song that ignites hope and loss.

There are some flaws, like the villain isn’t that interesting, but whatever, I enjoyed this movie and glad I got to saw it, because it is one of those Disney films you don’t really hear about.

I recommend this movie, because it is sweet and full of fun.