Here’s October’s winner for the page’s monthly Fan-Pick Movie segment. The winner was ‘About Time’, the new romantic comedy movie that is a great time, with or without a date.

The movie has a very unusual premise, time travel. Not your average romantic comedy film, now is it.

The film stars loads of incredible actors and actresses, among them include Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams.

To be honest, the film had a very cool premise, which sounded very original of being able to time travel from your cupboard. As ridiculous as it may sounds, it actually works on every level. The film is very funny, very sweet, very cutesy at times and very, very emotional, which I give praise to the entire cast, every character in this film was always spot-on, and a near-perfect film.

There are a bit of flaws, the runtime is a little too long and it does get slow at times, but besides from these tiny little negatives, the whole film is a great, enjoyable, entertaining, funny, emotional and bizarre at times film, but you know what?

I loved the film from start to finish as it is one of my favourite films all year round.

Highly recommend seeing it.