It’s time to kick off the Retro Friday reviews with Disney’s animated films.

Every Friday, leading up to Disney’s newest animated film ‘Frozen’. I will only review the Walt Disney Animation Studios films canon, not all of them, but only the ones I have seen. So, without further ado, let’s start with 1955’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’.

While researching this film, apparently, this is the first film for Walt Disney Animation Studios to release a widescreen film.

Now, for my first time viewing, this is going to create some controversy. I didn’t love ‘Lady and the Tramp’, nor did I hate it. In my personal opinion, the film falls into the good category.

I was entertained by the film, but didn’t create much laughs, nor did it affect me on an emotional level.

The characters are likeable, but the story is a bit thin and the songs aren’t as memorable as other Disney productions, except for one “Bella Notte”, I thought this song was charming, sweet and very romantic, if I do say myself.

Overall, it was a good enjoyable animated movie that the whole family would easily enjoy with likeable characters and bright and colourful animation, there’s plenty for anyone to enjoy.