Here it is, the movie review you’ve all been waiting for, ‘One Direction: This is us’. The reason I watched it was because it was the winner for September’s Fan-Pick Movie. See, dedication to this page.

As it is with every movie, I went into the film with an open mind, just because I’m not a fan of ‘One Direction’, doesn’t mean I will say bad things about it. If it can impress me, or dare I say it, entertain me, than I salute to the film, but if it doesn’t, then I go out of the theatre confused or unhappy of what I just saw.

So where does ‘One Direction: This is us’ falls, let’s continue to the review and find out.

It’s clear going into this movie that ‘One Direction’ have become a worldwide phenomenon with selling out number 1 singles and selling out a major concert tour in just a couple of minutes, ‘One Direction’ is a successful band.

Even the opening titles of the movie, the first time the word ‘One Direction’ appeared on screen, there was an audience member raising their fists in the air. So it’s apparent ‘One Direction’ means a lot to people.

Surprisingly, it was more of a documentary, behind the scenes film, than a concert flick. To me, there was like 6 songs in the whole movie, the rest of it is behind the scenes of the concert or telling us the story of ‘One Direction’ of how they became a band by the powerful reality TV series in the UK ‘The X Factor’.

Also shockingly, there was no concert footage of the band performing their new song “Best Song Ever”, whereas in my opinion it isn’t the best song ever, but I thought creating the song was to promote the concert flick, clearly I was wrong.

There are humorous jokes in the movie that I, sadly, admit to laughing every once and then. Also, I didn’t know Morgan Spurlock (‘Super-Size Me’) was directing this film, so that was a surprise. Also, Martin Scorsese, one of my favourite directors, and Chris Rock made cameos in the film, which was a nice little surprise, telling the cameras that they like ‘One Direction’.

Overall, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, this film became the second movie I have ever seen having an applause at the end in the theatre, first being ‘Les Misérables’.

If you are a fan, go see it now, if not, give it a rent or wait until it is on TV if you don’t care for it.