Nic review

September 12, 2013

Hugh Jackman’s 6th appearance as Wolverine is one of his most enjoyable. The character is given an interesting arc here and it’s exciting to see how he holds his own without his X-Men entourage.

The plot is solid and the writing is strong for the most part but I sometimes felt they caricatured Logan a bit too much. Every now and then a cheesy throwaway line would appear but this could just be to enhance the distinctly comic book/manga feel of the movie.

As could the setting of Japan, which in my opinion is the strongest part of the film, giving it a ‘You Only Live Twice’ vibe but with Wolverine instead of Bond. It made me fall in love with the country, which I’ve been to, all over again.

Finally, the villain is slightly underdeveloped and weak but I think this story is really about Wolverine conquering his inner demons.

‘The Wolverine’ is a really enjoyable ride.

Score: 7.7/10