The Ashton Kutcher biopic as the young Steve Jobs, creator of the world’s most valuable company and influential company of all time in the new movie ‘Jobs’.

At first, Jobs is an interesting movie. It is always, at least, entertaining and Ashton Kutcher delivers his best performance yet, not a great one, but a darn good acting performance that’s pretty close to perfect, which is the best in the whole movie.

It shows the struggles of Steve Job’s life of how he got Apple off the ground to become the biggest company of all time.

The film is a bit too slow, but there are plenty of emotional scenes that are pretty good.

The script isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be, it is very light on humour and it is a bit overlong, for going for a 2 hour running time, but nonetheless, I had a pretty good time with ‘Jobs’ and Ashton Kutcher and the rest of the cast were really, really good.

If you are a fan of Apple or wanted to know how Apple began in the computer business, I’d say give it a go, it is a good film, but in my opinion, could have been greater.