Where do I begin?

Well for the most part ‘Kick-Ass 2’ works as a hilarious action-packed film.

The cast is terrific, especially Jim Carrey (‘Dumb and Dumber’) who gives the best acting performance in the movie and makes you believe his character Colonel Stars and Stripes.

The film has plenty of humour and many jokes you laugh out loud, while others fall flat, but there are more laughable jokes than ones you don’t get a chuckle.

The action scenes, for the most part, are done really well with good visuals and the action scenes are very violent, but you should know this because this is a ‘Kick-Ass’ movie.

Surprisingly it has a nice heart about family, which I believed the first film was missing a bit of it.

There are, however, problems in this film. One of the main problems is the story, there’s just too much going on. We have three different stories going on at the same time, usually this isn’t a problem as the previous one did the same thing, but ‘Kick-Ass’ meshed the three stories really well, this film not so much. Some of the stories take centre-stage and alienates the others for a while until they become centre-staged again.

The villain is weak, sadly as that is. I loved Red Mist in the first film, but this time it just doesn’t work as he plays the villain this time round. The problem is he has nothing going for him, no main objective to become a villain, although he has three good lines that are hilarious at the start of the film.

Overall, this movie is hilarious and has plenty of action-packed scenes. The only problems is that it isn’t as fresh as the first film and doesn’t have a more cemented story, unlike the original film.

I was really hoping this film was going to be great, but sadly, while it is good, it isn’t one I want to re-watch anytime soon, although I did have a good time watching this film, it just misses from topping the first film.

If you are a ‘Kick-Ass’ fan like myself, still go see it. It is a funny film to be enjoyed at the cinema for over 100 minutes.