‘The Way Way Back’, a comedy, drama film starring a talented cast which includes Steve Carell (‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’), Allison Janney (‘The Help’), Sam Rockwell (‘Iron Man 2’) and AnnaSophia Robb (‘Bridge to Terabithia’), just to name a few.

This movie is very hilarious, but also heart warming and very emotional, which surprised me a lot.

It tells a story about friendship and family, and I won’t go on or I will spoil this amazing, well-crafted, terrifically acted movie.

The cast is spot on with themes and messages that translate from the screen and some of its cast Steve Carell, AnnaSophia Robb and Rob Corddry (‘Warm Bodies’) do an amazing job playing as their characters, but Sam Rockwell playing the hilarious water park owner Owen steals the spotlight as he was the best in this movie and does an amazing job making you laugh, everytime he says a line, you automatically start laughing out loud.

Overall, this film is a top-notch well-made, brilliantly acted and a very hilarious and heart warming movie that is easily one of my favourite films of the year.

Highly recommend seeing it.