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July 12, 2013

The first ever Retro Friday, where old movie reviews will be posted and to celebrate the first ever Retro Friday, the first movie to be reviewed is X-Men.

Now I’ve never seen the original X-Men, shocking isn’t it. I’ve seen X-Men: First Class and that was totally awesome, but that’s a review for another day. Now going into this and knowing mostly the backstories from First Class, I was interested that maybe this film would be totally boring, a snoozefest since this introduces the characters all over again, but thankfully it isn’t. X-Men was exciting, action-packed movie that is entertaining and intense from start to finish.

Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine was my favourite character from the movie, which now seems like everyone’s favourite from the spin-offs. Wolverine is a total bad-ass of being an invincible wrestler, hiding his powers from everyone to dis-obeying orders. Surprisingly, I wanted more from this film as I was shocked after watching it that this film was way too short, running at a total of 104 minutes, 96 minutes if the credits are not counted.

Overall, this film has it all suspense, action, plenty of character development and very emotional. This film is a true testament to how comic adaptions are done right.

Score: 8/10