Daniel’s Review (07/07/2013):

Superman has been absent from the big screen for seven years and the film has finally arrived, another reboot in the Superman franchise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver as a superhero film.

The camera work is terrible. There are like zooming shots everytime action is displayed on screen and too much shaky cam for my liking.

The visual effects for some scenes looked amazing, whereas others were alright.

But here’s my main problem, it relies on too much on dialogue which bored me. If you’re going to have heaps of dialogue, at least make it entertaining. Throw in some jokes here and there, make it enjoyable. It felt like 50 minutes until the action kicked in, but by then I was already bored by the film. The film feels too long, then it really needs to be.

There are however some postives, it does have some sort of humour, but I laughed at only two jokes in the whole film, but I’ll give it some credit.

Thankfully, the cast work for what they can work on, but man, this is an amazing cast. Russel Crowe, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus from ‘The Matrix’) were all great, as in my opinon, the best part of the movie.

Overall, I was extremely disappointed by this film as it could have been an amazing film, heck, even the teasers got me all excited.

If you’re a Superman fan, which I’m not since this is my first Superman movie, then you might have a great time or looking for something that has lots of action, which this film has plenty of. If you wanted to see it, I suggest you should still see it and not based on this one review as my friends said it was an alright action movie, but I found it boring and too long with a lack of character development and recapping the events.

Score: 3/10

Nic’s Review (07/07/2013):

This is the first Superman film I’ve seen and although I’m not a fan of DC I really tried to like this film. But by the end I couldn’t help but feel bored and underwhelmed.

The problems I feel are many but I’ll start with the biggest one: I didn’t care about the characters. Henry Cavill does a good job with what he has, and although Superman is likeable, he is also rather dry and uninteresting. Other than him, every other character felt one-dimensional.

Also the action, while spectacular, feels too predictable and familiar to previous superhero movies. And the climax! Way too long and repetitive. Every time there was a break from cg punching, cheesy dialogue polluted the script not to mention unneccesary exposition from every character to explain comic book lore I just don’t care about and then trying to scientifically explain it as an afterthought.

And then there were the camera problems but they seem minor now compared to the film’s other flaws.

Although the acting is solid enough that is unfortunately the only praise I can offer. Altogether it amounts to a cut-and-paste action comic book movie that bores more than it excites and perhaps that’s ‘Man of Steel’s worst crime: it simply isn’t fun.

Score: 5/10